How to use riger® Support Portal

Here you can find some information on how to register on riger® Support Portal and how to create a New Support Ticket, add info to existing ones, or see our replies.

Tips for using riger® Support Portal:

  • riger® Support Portal gives an easier way to track all your submitted ticket to riger® Support.
  • You can see comments riger® Support is sending when answering your questions or providing the steps on how to solve an issue.
  • After the registration in riger® Support Portal you can submit tickets by email and see a list of all open tickets when logging in to Support Portal.
  • For every issue/question please create a separate Support Ticket

You can access riger® Support Portal from: 

  • riger® application - under Support 

If you don’t have riger® Support Portal account please click to create one.

Check your email for the letter from riger® Support Portal.

Click Sign up.

When you log in to riger® Support Portal you can create a new ticket or add a user to Support Portal, reset password and etc.

Here are common types of Support Tickets. The main ticket type for support is “Get General Support”

Add details about the issue – description, print screens, document numbers. Click Send button.

When adding Summary about the issue – you getting suggested articles related to a summary. You can check these articles in our Knowledge Base to see if it can solve your issue.

When a support ticket is submitted you will get a confirmation email.

In riger® Support Portal you can see all communication related to the issue. You can see all pictures we are sending to you with steps on how to solve an issue or additional information. You can add a comment or answer to our comments too. 

When you log in to riger® Support Portal you can see all your open request.

When you lost/forgot your riger® Support Portal password:

Go to riger® Support Portal, enter your email address and you will see an option "Forgot your password?"

When you click on it an email with a link to reset your password will be sent to your email address.

Click on the link and you will be able to reset a password.