Inter Company Transfer

Learn how to relocate rental units from one location (shop/yard/warehouse) to another one.

Use the Inter-Company Transfer when you need to move your units between different departments: shop/yards/warehouses. You may also perform the transfer between various storage sections within one warehouse.

Inter-Company Transfer works only for Company internal departments. You cannot move the unit from the customer's location to your own one. For this purpose use Rental Ticket.

  1. Go to Oilfield Rentals - Inter-Company Transfer

2. Create a new document

3. Select the Date and Time when rental units have to be moved to another location.

4. Select the "From" and "To" locations.

5. Click Add and choose the rental unit, enter Base Qty.

6. Pick up Unit Numbers. These are the units available at the "From" location.

7. Add any comment to the document

8. Post and close the document. If you Save the document, the movement will not be performed. The document will stay as a draft.

9. If the Rental Unit has a post-transportation Inspection Card Template then a new Inspection card will be created and the Unit Number gets status For Inspection. How to proceed with Inspections and create an Inspection Card Template in riger® you can find here: Inspection Module.

You can see unit movement in the Rental Unit History report.

Inter-Company Transfer is not available in riger® Start Plan. Would you like to enhance riger® capabilities and change the Plan, please let us know.