How do I enter New Rental Service Agreement (RSA)

How to Create New RSA

Two Ways To Create New RSA:

WAY 1:

  1. Open RSA Journal
  2. Click Create

WAY 2:

  1. On Home Page select Rental Units (hold Ctrl for multiple selections)

  2. Click RSA

Rental Agreement Entering:

  1. Select Date of Document
  2. Select or create Client, Location (mandatory)

  3. Select Well, Division (optional)

  4. Select or create Engineer (it will appear automatically if entered in Location)

  5. Select Start Date of the rental period (End Date is optional)

Rental Agreement - Items:

  1. Add Rental Unit (or press Insert on keyboard)
  2. Select Unit from the List (or start typing the name)

  3. Add any notes to this Unit and enter Quantity

  4. The price will be populated automatically if entered in Price List or change it manually
  5. Enter Discount % (if any)

  6. Do the same for Services and Parts

Rental Agreement – Sales Tab

  • Choose Sales Person
  • Choose Department
  • Choose Tax
  • Choose Terms of Payment, Payment Method and enter Payment Details (optional)
  • Enter Location GPS Coordinates (optional)
  • Add External Comment - will be shown to the Client on Invoice
  • Add Internal Comment - for internal purposes (not visible for the Client)

Rental Agreement - Approval

  1. Post document or Save as a draft
  2. Change status to Approved (usually done by General Manager) and Save
  3. RA# is automatically generated after the document is Posted (no need to enter manually)

  4. Mobile# is automatically generated when RSA is created in Mobile App (no need to enter manually)

Rental Agreement - Statuses

Rental Agreement - Quote

  1. Print a Quote or Rental Agreement
  2. Print hard copy or email to the Client

  3. Email to any recipient

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